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    CNC Straight & Curved Glass Scriber Machine

    It's suitable for: stright glass, curved glass, rearview mirror.

    The machine adopts servo motor and CNC controller, suitable for variety of shapes, such as cutting, the shape of cutting only needs use the DXF drawing than trans into controller. Change cutting size is simple and quickly.

    Glass Cutting Size Curved: Rl200 above
    Stright: 300mm x 300mm ; 500mm x 500mm
    Cutting Thickness 2mm - 3mm
    Cutting Precision +-0.1mm
    Cutting Speed 3-6 Sec/Pcs
    Tool Holder System system pressure + springs the auxiliary
    Driver System X.Y.Z axis servo motor (Taiwan brand) and ball screw
    Controller CNC controller + (DXF for APL)
    Voltage S3 220V/380V 50/60HZ 3.0KW transformer
    Machine Size (L)1700mm x (W)850mm x (H)1550mm(1700mm)/N.W.200kgs
    (L)1930mm x (W)1190mm x (H)1740mm/G.W.380kgs
    C.D.A 2kgs/cm²

    Model Max. Glass size Thickness
    CNC-500 500mm x 500mm 0.7mm - 6mm