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    CNC Shape Glass Scriber Machine

    Suitable For: furniture, buildings, automobile mirror, light, gift, mirror. Etc.

    The machine is adopted CNC-controller with P.C. and servo motor and precision rack etc, device specially suitable for cutting glass shape and straight profile. The surface is equipped with air floating & sucking system to facilitate glass delivery and fix when cutting so as to prevent the glass surface from being scratched. Easy to operate and cutting precision and increase the working efficiency quality.

    (B)Shape + Straight Cutting

    • Thickness of Cutting: 1.3mm-6mm / 3mm-19mm
    • Precision of Cutting: (Straight) +/-0.15mm; (Shape) +/-0.25mm
    • Speed of Cutting: 0-80 m/min.
    • Auxiliary System: aircompress & spring combination
    • The oil from lubrication oil system mostly concentrated on line of cutting.
    • The surface of the machine is equipped with air spring floating and sucking system to facilitate glass delivery and fix glass when cutting.
    • Control System: CNC controller with P.C.
    • Delivery System: adopted X-Y-C axia servo motor and precision rack.
    • Voltage: S3 220V/380V 50/6OHZ 30A
    • Air Compress : 5kg/cm² PT: 1/8"

    Model Max. Glass size Thickness
    CNC-4836 1220mm x 1100mm 1.3mm - 12mm
    CNC-7260 1830mm x 1530mm 1.3mm - 12mm
    CNC-9672 2440mm x 1830mm 1.3mm - 12mm
    CNC-12084 3050mm x 2140mm 2mm - 19mm
    CNC-144108 3660mm x 2750mm 2mm - 19mm